Friday, February 04, 2005


There are few things that rock my world more than the high I get from scoring a great deal/bargain. I have been on a roll the last couple of weeks...check me out:

*Copy-cat, wanna-be Pottery Barn desk that I had been coveting purchased at Target on clearance for $98 due to its box having seen better days...Woo-Hoo!

*Adorable, Esprit, powder blue raincoat originally priced at $110, got it for $34 at Marshall's

*100%, so soft I have gone to heaven, cashmere sweater for $40...thank you TJ Maxx

*Remember those foil wrapped Lindt Santa's? *insert me blushing here* 75% off baybee! Bought 24 pieces and as soon as I cashed out, wished I had snatched up the rest.

*Cuddly soft, slipper socks, 50% off...if you don't own several pairs of these, get yourself to Target and promptly right what is so obviously wrong with your world. They are like orgasms for your feet. Seriously, these are so awesome that while I briefly stepped away from my cart to peruse the greeting cards, a woman actually tried to lift mine from my cart! Caught red handed, she was all like, "Oh, I'm this your cart? I thought this merchandise had just been abandoned"...what the hell ever! Back off biatch...slowly...slowly...step away from the cart. OK, not really. I was kind enough to point her in the direction of the endcap where I had generously left two pair.


Blogger Jenny said...

WooHoo! Good score, crazy woman!

12:08 PM  
Blogger Philip said...

Where you been woman? Your blog is getting lonely...

10:46 AM  

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