Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Where oh where has lulu been? You might be sorry you asked.....

The Good:

*I finished all papers and finals and left the fall semester behind me with an A and three B's

*I received yet another * bouquet from not so secret admirer...this one was white roses and lilies and just to die for gorgeous

*"Santa" brought me a fully loaded Honda Pilot in red for Christmas

*As of yesterday, I am responsibility free (no kidlets, no school, no studying, no nothing) until January 3rd

*My computer is in somewhat working order

*I am seriously grooving on the cd I found in my stocking...Maroon 5's Songs About Jane It's very sexy

The Bad:

*I was expecting two A's but I guess the B I got in Biology rather than the C I was certain I would get evens it all out

*The not so secret admirer has got me tangled up in knots

*The SUV is somewhat contingent (not really said, but understood) on my deciding to have an exclusive sexual relationship with "Santa"

*As of yesterday, I am responsibility free (no kidlets, no school, no studying, no nothing) until January 3rd *note* this could mean me getting into more trouble than I'm already in....I'll explain later.

*While visiting "Santa's" lair, I stumbled over a letter from a jewelry store that indicated that I might be receiving some diamonds in the near future...in the form of an engagement ring. Can one be engaged to someone who one is separated from?

*My computer crashed big time and I just got it in somewhat working order yesterday

*Isn't Maroon 5 a *gasp* "boy band"?

The Ugly:

*I sorta agreed to the exclusive sexual relationship with "Santa"

*I have spent my first day of freedom baking a cake, whipping up a chicken pot pie, grooming my bikini area, shaving my legs, painting my toes, walking around in nothing but jeans and a black push up bra, eating all the Lindt chocolate icicles that I stole out of my girls stockings (hey, in my defense, good chocolate is wasted on the young...they would gladly trade for Reeses peanut butter cups).....hold on, I gotta go snag another right now....Ok, I'm back...these are so goooood! And since I'm being bad and somewhat ugly right now, I will point out that as they are shaped like icicles they are very phallic and are contributing greatly to my overall feelings of naughtiness. Uh, where was I?

*The admirer is over 2,000 miles away right now and won't be returning until January 3rd

*In some twisted way, I am somewhat excited about the idea of wearing an engagement ring

*I have this friend who, well, I'll just put it another post....meet you over there.


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