Thursday, November 11, 2004

What does it all mean?

The ex is really putting forth an effort, I'll give him that.

Although he is a really good writer, I have been guilty of reading between the lines and turning what might otherwise have been really beautiful into a cynical, less than romantic sentiment. That being the case, he has instead chose to pull at my heart strings with music.
Although, this is not something new. Our entire courtship revolved around my writing him really awful poetry and him answering in cd's burnt to perfection.

In fact, I remember listening to one compilation non-stop at a time when I was hopelessly infatuated with him. I fantasized that he spent hour upon hour carefully choosing each selection....wanting it to be perfect...deciding that each and every lyric spoke to me, about me, his hopes and dreams for us. Yes, each cd was an ode to lu.

Here's the latest...what do you think he's communicating?

Enveloped in a pink jewel case engraved with a heart:

Remember When It Rained [Josh Groban]
Hallelujah [Jeff Buckley]
Simply Beautiful [Al Green]
I Never [Rilo Kiley]
Dice [Finley Quaye]
Jewels [Alison Krauss and The Cox Family]
I Do [Jude]
Your Love [Eve and Wyclef Jean]
In A Funny Way [Mercury Rev]
Rattlesnake Charm [Sean Hayes]
Into The West [Annie Lennox]
Drive [Ziggy Marley]
Waited Up [The Samples]
Trouble [Coldplay]
Reach Out [The Four Tops]
Prince Caspian [Phish]


Blogger Jenny said...

Honey, you are totally worth the pursuit, BUT I really think he's in love with THE CHASE, and once he feels you're safely back under control, he'll resume his crap. And even if he didn't resume it, he can't make up for the past at this point.

The best he should be hoping for is forgiveness and a fresh start.

1:56 PM  

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