Monday, November 01, 2004

Masochism anyone?

you do it to yourself you do and that's what really hurts is you do it to yourself just you, you and no-one else you do it to yourself....Radiohead/ JUST

What a sucky week!

Today: Walked the full length of campus in relentless, pouring rain only to have to sit for an hour, drenched, with a puddle forming around my seat as I took a Biology test--- all the while wishing I wasn't agnostic so that I might at least hope for a little supernatural assistance towards a C
* It's supposed to rain like this *all* week.

Tonight: *Let time get away from me and had to feed the girls turkey dogs (EEEWWW!) and Mac n Cheese in order to get K to play rehearsal on time. *I also allowed J to fall asleep on the couch, in front of the tv, in her clothes while I was reading for my Lit class.
*Gotta pull a paper about a *very* minor character in one of Edgar Allan Poe's works outta my ass and hope it doesn't still reek of BS by the time I turn it in

Tomorrow: A visit to the gynecologist is in the works. That's a treat in and of itself but it also means I have to shave my legs yet tonight--

Tomorrow night: Research project. It just gets better and better.

Wednesday: *Prepare for a debate in my Critical Thinking class.
*Take K to the Orthodontist
*Kick myself in the ass repeatedly for missing the cut off date to register to vote by two, yes, count em', two days!

Wednesday evening: Essay due tomorrow morning over material I haven't even glanced at.

Thursday: Might as well visit the old dentist chair while I'm at it.
*A trip to the super center Wal-Mart for a cart full of groceries. Love, love, love that place!

Friday: I get to see the ex. WooHoo!! He will be picking up J in his brand new, fully loaded, Honda Pilot.
"I got a new Pilot. I know that it's the car you really wanted...the one we planned to
buy for you and so I would be willing to sell it to you used a few years down the road if you are interested."

He left out the part about him being ready to sell it when he's ready to upgrade to his Porsche.

The silver lining:

As of Friday night around 7PM, I will transform myself from frantic, single mama, into sexy siren in anticipation of Saturday night. It's really magic what 48 hours can do for a girl. I'll be refreshed and back on top of my game by the time Sunday night rolls around and this week will just seem like a bad dream that I can roll over and forget.

Next week I promise to organize my time more efficiently so that I don't have to take time away from the girls. I promise to feed them nutritious and delicious meals each and every night. J and I will bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies together. Because I missed our snuggling and book reading time tonight, I'll read an extra story each night next week. And I might even squeeze in a little time to shave my legs just because.


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