Saturday, November 06, 2004

I know it's wrong....

Why is it wrong?
1. If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all or as I find myself thinking while browsing in Blogland, sometimes thinking out loud and worse, writing it down for the world to see, is a really, really bad idea.

2. Sexual objectification is not a good thing

3. I shouldn't be eavesdropping on other people's conversations

That being said, this is still fun. If you are looking for something that's gonna stick to your ribs, move on. While waiting for class to start, I overheard this:

Boy 1: "Not her. It's the one who always sits in front."

Boy 2: "Oh, yeah. I'd do her."

Oh, please, please let them be talking about me. God knows there is nothing hotter than being pursued by a guy who would readily "do me". Alas, I sit in the center of the room and to my great privilege, directly in front of these two catches.

I figure if banter about who one would "do" is stimulating enough for the everyday conversation between the obviously highly intellectuaized, I can take liberties to muse about it on my blog and ask anyone who reads this to join me in thinking naughty, so not pc thoughts. I mean, really, does People magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People sell so well because we as a society have an affinity for aesthetics? Uh, no, it's really, 50 People Most People Would Like To Do.

Putting aside any and all trappings of reality, here is my short list.

In the robbing the cradle category, john mayer I have had a crush on him since he was just a wee one at 22 (I think he's about to celebrate his 27th) ...where, oh where were the boys like this when I was in my twenties???!!

In the do you have to ask why category, lenny kravitz In a word, yum. Of course, I would only be willing to do him in his before the Farrah Fawcett-ized hair days. Lenny, what were you thinking?

In the just gets better with age category, Johnny Depp. Think his appearance on Inside The Actors Studio. Oh, my. I'll admit it is more than a little creepy that my 12 year old and I think the same guy is "hot".

In the someone who's dead now, but you woulda when they were still around, Jim Morrison. This is so about val kilmer in the role as Jim.

In the nothing sexier than a man who can make you laugh category, beck -- I have been a fan all the way back to Loser. Also, vince vaughn-- he looks really, really good in a cowboy hat. One more, (hey, I'm a girl who likes to laugh) owen wilson Again, it's the cowboy hat as worn in Shanghai Noon

In the it's all about the music/lyrics category, rob thomas Not the best pic of Rob and I hate to jump on the bandwagon, but I just.can'

In the fictional character category, Louis de Pointe du Lac from Anne Rice's Interview With The Vampire. I know what you are thinking (ok, I don't really) and I am not a huge fan of Brad Pitt who played his character in the film version. It's truly the character....Hamlet as a vampire. Works for me.

In the someone in real life but they don't even know I exist category, a boy I pass in the hallways three days a week. It's all about the tendrils of his slightly wavy hair that just tease the top of his collar, super long eyelashes, full lips, inherited Kurt Cobain's wardrobe, and I don't know what it is but I am a sucker for a boy wearing some Converse. Oh, and he always has that don't bother me, I'm deep in thought look.

I also want to include the bad boy category but couldn't come up with anybody.

Come on and play! You know you want to.


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